Vegan BBQ ~ Weekend in Review

On Saturday my friends Valerie and Andrew had a vegan BBQ in their lovely back yard. They returned for a trip recently that included a visit to Portland. There they picked up oodles of vegan goodies that we can’t get here in Canada. I consider myself lucky that they were willing to share it all with us! I brought a jug of Chad’s homebrewed kombucha to share and everyone loved it.

Earth Balance PuffsFirst up, Earth Balance Aged White Cheddar Puffs. Oh Em Gee! They tasted like sour cream and onion rings that we always ate when I was a kid. They are dangerously addictive.

vegan BBQAndrew was our BBQ’er extraordinaire for the evening. He had so many things on the go! Field Roast sausages, vegan prawns, Beyond Meat TWO WAYS, Soy Curls, vegan sliders…. it was vegan heaven. I started out with some BBQ Beyond Meat. Later on I tried the pesto Beyond Meat and both were fantastic. Please, come to Canada soon!

vegan BBQSorry for the crappy picture, but this was my Buffalo Soy Curls taco, with Daiya cheese. Om nom nom nom. I gobbled this down fast.

Vegan Ice CreamFor dessert, we had the option of two kinds of vegan Jell-O, lime and raspberry, and Coconut Bliss ice cream. I, of course, had all three. Nicole said these cookies were a failure, but they were nice and crispy with the ice cream.

It was such a lovely evening and I really hope I can pick up some of these wonderful vegan foods when I go over to the States in August for the Farm Sanctuary Hoe Down. We just booked our rental car yesterday and it’s feeling more real now! I can’t wait!

Ward Island BeachOn Sunday, my friend Lisa and I headed over to Ward Island for a little R&R on the beach. We managed to stake out a little bit of shade for ourselves, but it was pretty packed! We both brought books to read so it was nice.

Toronto SkylineThe Toronto skyline with a pair of swans. I can’t tell you how long I had to wait to get both swans right side up. I didn’t want a picture of swan butts!

FerryGetting on the ferry to go back to the city. So long Toronto Islands! We’ll be back soon!


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