Weekend in Review ~ Steam Whistle Brewery

On Saturday, Chad and I braved the crazy weather to head down to the Roundhouse for a tour of the Steam Whistle Brewery.

Giant Disco BallON the walk there, I got a picture of the world’s largest disco ball which was in David Pecaut Square for Luminato.


Steam Whistle Brewery water tower

Steam Whistle BreweryThe Keg Bike in the Brewery. Apparently, one of the founders rode this on a Conquer Cancer bike ride from Toronto to Niagara Falls.

DrinksHaving a drink before the tour starts. It seemed like a popular place for Blue Jays fans to have a beer or two (or three) before the game.

KegsJust me with a whole lotta kegs. My frizzy hair is thanks to the stupid humidity this past weekend. We each got 2 beers each to drink during the tour instead of one because there wasn’t enough head sets for all of us.


Inside the brewery production line.

WhistleChad answered the trivia question correctly (What are the 4 ingredients in Steam Whistle pilsner?) and got to blow the whistle!

I gotta say, the tour made me like Steam Whistle even more. It was really interesting to learn their history, their green initiatives, they’re plans for the future and how well they treat their employees. Chad wants to work there now. After the tour, we got sample glass of beer, plus a 6 pack to take home (pay $15 for the tour) and a Steam Whistle bottle opener (pay $10 for the tour). If you’re a beer drinker, I highly suggest going on a Steam Whistle Brewery tour. It was fun.

Even though I was a bit tipsy and it was raining, we went and got a cool Steam Whistle letterbox nearby. I got wet and covered with tree needles, plus there were drunk Jays fans having a fight nearby, but I got it.

PizzaWhat goes well with beer? Pizza of course! From Magic Oven! With Daiya Cheese! So yummy. Even with the eggplant.

supermoon June 23, 2013 TorontoSunday was too hot to do anything but play Rift and watch Buffy in our cool apartment, but here is a picture of the supermoon I took Sunday night. It’s not the greatest. My camera isn’t set up for photos like this, plus it was cloudy and there’s so many lights to contend with. It was still neat to see though.


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