Weekend in Review ~ Mom Edition

This weekend my mom came to visit! I had gotten her tickets to see the Wizard of Oz musical for Christmas and we had a really great time! I hope her next visit is during the warmer month though. I’d love to take her over to the Toronto Islands.

The Wizard of OzIt was a great performance of the Wizard of Oz. Great songs. After dinner at Fresh, we went and saw A Good Day to Die Hard in IMAX. Fun stuff!

Weekend Vegan Rancheros at Sadies Diner in Toronto On Sunday, Mom and I had breakfast at Sadie’s Diner and Juice Bar (where my hubby works). I had the Vegan Rancheros. Delicious as always!

The Royal Ontario Museum

After breakfast, we heading to the Royal Ontario Museum. I hadn’t been in years!

T-Rex skeleton at the ROMWe didn’t see the special Dino exhibit because the ROM has plenty of great dinosaur skeletons of their own, like this giant T-Rex!

Goddess Sakhmet statue at the ROM

A statue of the Goddess Sakhmet. The Egyptian collection is my favourite.

Creamsicle smoothie from Rawlicious YorkvilleWe were still full from breakfast, but I didn’t want mom to get on the bus without having had something to sustain her on her 4 hour bus ride home. But we didn’t really have time to wait in a restaurant, so we got Creamsicle smoothies from Rawlicious in Yorkville to go.

Bloor-Yorkville IceFestWe took our smoothies and walked through the Bloor-Yorkville IceFest. It was crowded! Then we were off to the bus terminal.

All in all, it was a really great weekend. Morgan and Dexter LOVE my Mom. Dezzie came down, but she didn’t get close enough for my mom to pet her. Morgan, on the other hand, was right on top of Mom for most of the night and slept at the end of the couch with her. Next time I see my mom will be Easter, which is also my little brother’s Stag & Doe. Can’t wait!


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