Weekend in Review ~ Busy

I had a pretty busy weekend. I toured around my city a bit on Saturday then on Sunday I went to the AGO, then to a bridal shop to get measured for my bridesmaid dress, then went to hang out a bit where Chad works. I didn’t get much domestic stuff done, but that’s ok!


Kitties grooming each other. So cute!

CardsMy B-Day card collection.

SubwayThe second subway platform at Union Station is due to open next year. It’s about time!

CN Tower

CN Tower shot! I was being a tourist.

AGOOn Sunday I went to the AGO to see the Frida & Diego exhibit and it was fantastic! My favourite Frida paintings there were Broken Column and The Bride Frightened at Seeing Life Opened. My favourite Diego painting was Calla Lily Vendor.

Paper FlowerAt the end of the exhibit, there is an altar de muertos for Frida and Diego and you can make paper flowers as ofrendas (offereings). This is mine.

Root Beer

Ice Cold root beer at Sadie’s Diner


Toronto towers at night.


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