Weekend in Review ~ Boring

Well I had a pretty boring weekend. I stayed in and got all caught up on Downton Abbey. Now I don’t know what to watch. Perhaps Sons of Anarchy since my aunt recommended it to me at Christmas. I also need to watch the first half of season 5 of Breaking Bad. Any other recommendations?
Other than that, I tidied up the living room, did the dishes, cleaned the litter boxes. Really fun stuff.
We talked about going to see Django but never did. I thought about going to the AGO to see the Frida & Diego exhibit but never did. I read a lot. Right now I’m reading Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris. Chad says I read too fast.
The highlight of my weekend was going to meet Chad at Sadie’s Diner on Saturday and having a specially-made Tofu Club Sandwich for dinner.

Tofu Club

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