Weekend in Review

Oh Monday, why must you always sneak up on me like that? I had a really nice weekend and I wish I didn’t have to come into work today. Crossing my fingers that the day and week just flies by.

AMuirOn Saturday I tried to do a little letterboxing. Emphasis on tried. I went to Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens to find the Maple Up The Garden Path letterbox. I didn’t find the box, but I’m also not sure I was in the right spot. I was in a rush so I’ll probably go back and give it another go. It hasn’t been found in a long time, but I don’t want to log it as an attempt just yet.

RobinWhile in the gardens I did meet this lovely little fellow, so it wasn’t a total bust. I also saw a gorgeous male cardinal, but his was too quick for me to get a shot of him.

SmoothiesAfter my letterboxing fail, I went to meet with my fellow vegan knitters. We all brought things to make smoothies with and this was our haul! We made lots of different smoothies and got to try them all. It was delicious.

Hot BeansYeah, yeah, we go to Hot Beans A LOT. We were in the area while Chad got a HUGE stock pot to start homebrewing beer. And I still recommend getting The Peeb off of Hot Bean’s secret menu.

BrokenThis kind of made me want to cry. A friend gave me a keychain that said VEGAN for my birthday YEARS ago and it broke on Saturday. I’m not really friends with her anymore and the store she got it from is closed, which makes it extra sad. I’m holding onto the pieces to maybe try and put it back together somehow?

KittiesOh aren’t they cute? They look like they’re all lovey dovey but prior to this photo, Morgan had attacked Dezzie for no reason, which is why the blanket got all messed up.

weekendOn Sunday I met my new book club for the first time at Clinton’s. I got the vegan drumsticks and…. I wouldn’t recommend getting them. Really over done. Book club was fun though and I met some new people.

Ok, enough thinking about the weekend. Back to work! Oh and happy Earth Day! Even though every day should be Earth Day….


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