Weekend in Review

Weekend in Review

It was way colder than last weekend, but I had a really nice weekend all the same. How about you?

Chocolate BunnyChad brought me home a vegan chocolate bunny from Live On Chocolate. You can get them at Sadie’s Diner

Weekend OutfitOne of my weekend outfits. Skinny jeans and this amazing tunic (probably a dress but it’s too short for me to wear it like that) that I thrifted from Value Village.

DinnerChad made this yummy dinner on Saturday night. Noodles, veggies and chick’n in a peanut sauce. Delish!

WaitingWaiting while Chad tried on pants. Don’t worry, I got myself a jean jacket from Forever 21 on this shopping excursion as well.

Toris BakeshopOn Sunday I had a fantastic time with my friend Marissa at Tori’s Bakeshop. Yes, I went two weekends in a row. We talked for hours over BLTs, coconut mocha lattes and cupcakes. I got the St. Patrick’s Day Whiskey Sour Cupcake and it was so good! Then we walked almost 8km, just for the heck of it LOL. It burnt off those cupcakes at least!