Weekend In Review


Saturday morning breakfast was coconut almond oatmeal. Yummers!

DezzieDezzie relaxing in the sunlight.

Game of ThronesMy weekend was filled with getting caught up on Game of Thrones, Season 2. All ready for Season 3 to start in March! (and yes we use bunny ears on our flatscreen tv.)

Trivial PursuitSaturday night Chad and I had a friendly game of Trivial Pursuit. I didn’t technically win, but I did have the most wedges by the time we were ready to head to bed.

Ad-RockWe found this on our way home Sunday night. Ha! I bet it’s been ripped down by now though.

We ended up not going to see Warm Bodies, but I made Chad promise to take me to the movies soon to see something we’d both like.


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