Wednesday Wishlist ~ Kensington Market

Kensington MarketHoly WOW! I was super excited to see the Kensington Market Dress on ModCloth. A dress named after a neighbourhood in my city that I love! Not to mention it’s simply gorgeous. I love the colours, the floral pattern, the neckline. Perfection! Who wants to buy it for me? *wink wink* I’d wear it to Kensington Market every time I go.

CatsTowelIsn’t the Etiquette Got Your Tongue Dish Towel adorable? It’s cats reactions to commands you give dogs, like sake, play dead, etc. I want this for the kitchen, but I’m not sure I’d be able to get it dirty!

Poise of SummerWho doesn’t love polka dots? Who doesn’t love polka dots on eco-friendly jute shoes? The Poise of Summer Flats in Dots have both and are really cute.

Sorry for the small list, but there’s probably a bunch of new items that I haven’t even seen yet! I’m back to work tomorrow :( But that means I’ll have photos of my little brother’s wedding and the camping trip to share with you!


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