VegNews Street Team ~ Welcome Package

VegNews Welcome PackageLast year I was part of VegNews Magazine‘s inaugural Street Team and I was chosen again for the 2013 team. Yay! As part of the Street Team, for each issue of the magazine, we get 5 free copies. We give them out to friends and family, or leave them in places where people might read them. We also ask libraries to get a subscription of the magazine. We do store checks as well and ask them to sell VegNews if they don’t already have it. In our little Facebook group, we also have monthly contests. For example, February’s contest was to post a picture and a recipe of something we made with the secret ingredient, chocolate.

This past week I got my 5 free issues, plus this fantastic welcome package! It came with the letter, our handbook, business cards, another copy of the April issue and some wonderful goodies!

Alternative Baking Company CookieChocolate ExplosionEveryone got a cookie from Alternative Baking Company. Mine was Chocolate Explosion and it was delicious! It’s gluten-free too!

So Delicious CouponsAlso included were 2 coupons for a free So Delicious product. One expires at the end of the month so I think I HAVE TO go buy some coconut ice cream today.

Go Max Go Thumbs Up Chocolate BarThumbs UpLast but not least, my favourite part of the welcome package, a Thumbs Up chocolate bar from Go Max Go. It’s their vegan version of a Butterfinger. Oh my gosh, it is so good! Mmmm crunchy, crispy peanut center covered in chocolate… I can’t wait until they start selling these here in Canada.


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