Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival ~ Day 3

Last day of the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival! So bittersweet. It was a great day with amazing weather, but it also meant we have to wait a whole year for the next one! To start off I did a volunteer shift with Toronto Vegetarian Association. I passed out programs on the East Side of the festival from 12-3pm. I wish I had someone take my photo in my bright green TVA shirt and VEGAN socks. Oh well. I also wish I had asked Breeze Harper to take a photo with me when she asked me where she should go, but I was too shy.

DrumsWhile on my way to get more programs, I snuck over to the West Side to listen to this awesome drum troupe. They were great! Later, they came and were going to perform on the East Side as well, but Harbourfront staff kicked them off their property. Boo-urns! They went up the street a bit instead.

Reuben BowlAfter my volunteer shift, I was FAMISHED! I got the Tempeh Reuben Bowl from Green Zebra Kitchen and it was fantastic. I wish I had gotten this on the first day because it would have been my lunch and dinner every day! It was that good! Potatoes, tempeh, cauliflower, yum!

A. Breeze HarperI really enjoyed Breeze Harper’s talk “Recipes for Racial Tension Headaches”. I don’t experience racial trauma, but I am a white anti-racist ally and I learnt a lot. She’s an amazing speaker.

StrongAfter that, I headed over to watch Patrik Baboumian attempt (and succeed) in breaking a world record for carrying over 550 kilograms on his shoulders for 10 metres. It was incredible! I’m so glad I was there to see history made. Afterwards there was the Ultra-Athletes panel with Patrik, James Wilks (UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship winner), Rich Roll (ultra-endurance distance triathlete), and Georges Laraque (retired hockey player). All are vegan!

SamplesNext up, Taymer Mason’s cooking demo Vegan Caribbean Street Food! Looks good!

LadiesLovely ladies sampling Taymer’s Eggplant Accaras. Honestly, I am not an eggplant fan but theses were SO good! They were meant to be fishy, like cod, and they had just enough hint of fish (from seaweed, not fish) and spice from the Scotch Bonnet pepper. We got the recipe for them so I might just have to try these at home.

Taymer MasonTaymer Mason (I could listen to her talk about food all day!) then showed us how to make lentil patties. The whole room smelled divine.

Vegetarian FoodFinishing the Vegetarian Food Festival off right with Taymer’s sample plate. I’m going to have to get her book soon. I’ll put it on my Christmas wishlist this year.

That’s it! It was a wonderful weekend full of compassionate people and delicious food. I can’t wait until next year. Look for a post on all of the yummy treats I got from APieCalypse Now Bakery soon!


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