Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival ~ Day 1

It’s Vegan Christmas! The 29th Annual Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival was this past weekend and it was INCEDIBLE! On Friday I left work early to go volunteer at the Fur Bearer Defenders table. Shannon was kind enough to give me one of their great new tote bags that say “Fur is Not Fabric” which I am now carrying with me every day!

Toronto Vegetarian Food FestivalOur lovely table display for Fur Bearer Defenders. Everyone LOVED the t-shirt.

TruckFor dinner, I decided to try Karma ChaMEALeon Food Truck from Hamilton. They were in a kind of crappy spot and no one was going there, but after they served me they got to move.

PhillyI got the Philly Cheeze Steak Sandwich. It was filling, but it wasn’t my favourite food of the festival. Needed more cheese!

DonutShannon was a total doll and bought me an Icelandic donut from Bloomer’s Bakery. I went back and bought 5 more! So good! I can’t wait for their store front to open. Their Dream Cookies was delicious too!

BooksI really should have gotten some books, since the TVA had some great deals going on. My Vaute Couture purchase killed my spending budget though.

DaiyaMmm, finally got to try some of the new Daiya products! I need to find the strawberry cream cheese somewhere!

SkyChad and Luna came to walk around a bit. EVERYONE wanted to pet her. We walked along the harbour and saw this awesome sky. So pretty. Perfect way to end the day.

ToteMy new tote! Plus other goodies I got at the festival that day. I’m giving the bumper sticker to my mom, plus I want her to watch Maximum Tolerated Dose. Oh and that’s not a condom, it’s a wet wipe.

Great first day! Come back tomorrow for pics of Day 2 of the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival!


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