Thanksgiving 2013

Well I’m back to work after a long weekend up north. Kind of sucks, even though the weekend had a sad touch since my Great Aunt Linda was buried on Friday. Unfortunately, we didn’t get up there in time for the funeral, but I did visit with her long-time partner and her daughter, which was nice. Margaret is frickin hilarious.

LunaWe got up late on Friday but Saturday morning we went over to my brother’s house to see family who had come to town for the funeral. We had Luna on a chain in their back yard since it was hectic enough with my brother’s dog, my mom’s dog and my cousin’s dog in the house. Luna was distraught and chewed through her harness. This is her waiting patiently (for once) wearing her new one while Chad got some beer.

Apple pickingOn the way back to Grandma’s from Owen Sound, we took the scenic route and Chad stopped to get an apple to eat.

RoadSunday, the three of us went to check on the Bruce Caves. Isn’t the forest pretty? We had the place all to ourselves

FoundationNear the Bruce Caves is the foundation of the house my grandpa was born in. When his father passed away, my great grandma remarried, sold the property to a conservation group and moved to town. There are still lots of apple trees from the orchard that’s now grown wild.

Bruce CavesBruce Caves, named after Robert Bruce, a hermit who lived in this big cave, despite having enough money to live in a house.

StuffingThanksgiving menu is always hard to come up with! I went again with the Stuffing from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s The Vegan Table, making a few adjustments. No pecans and we added some fresh cranberries. It was really good!

Thanksgiving 2013The feast! Our Thanksgiving 2013 meal consisted of Ying-Ying tofu roast, Golden Mushroom Gravy from The Vegan Table (p. 220), Sensational Stuffing with Nuts from The Vegan Table (p. 239), mashed potatoes and turnip with Earth Balance and peas & carrots. Oh man was it yummy and I had so much left over we were still eating it 3 meals later.

SalmonOn Monday morning we did a walk with some cousins and went to the Oxeden Falls where the salmon were doing their fall run up the river to lay their eggs and die. It was neat watching them jump up over the rocks to the next part of the river.

It was a bitter-sweet weekend and I wish we didn’t have to come back so soon. I look forward to seeing all my female family members in 2 weeks though when they come HERE to Toronto for a girls weekend. It’s going to be a good time! Twenty women hitting the town, dinner (Hard Rock Café), a show (Aladdin) and we’re all staying at a hotel (Hilton). It’s going to be one wild and crazy weekend!


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