Sunday Musings ~ Letterboxing

Sunday Musings ~ Letterboxing

Have you ever heard of Letterboxing? Nope? I hadn’t either until I read an article about it a couple years ago. Letterboxing is a hobby that combines hiking (mostly but not always), crafting and treasure hunting. Right now, there’s probably a hidden letterbox, if not more, in your town or city.

So it goes like this. A letterbox is a container of any size, that holds a hand-carved stamp and a logbook. As a letterboxer you also have a stamp which is your personal “signature”. Most people carve the stamp themselves. You also have a trail name. It can be anything you want. My trail name is Herbivore, for obvious reasons. And you have a logbook.

On a website called Atlas Quest, there are clues for where to find letterboxes. Once you have the clue, away you go. You follow the directions (some can be tricky and some even request decoding) until you find the letterbox. Once you have it, you stamp your personal stamp into the letterbox logbook, AND stamp the letterbox stamp into your personal logbook. Does that make sense?

Anyhoo, today I kind of got out of letterboxing last year, but this year I really want to get back into it. There’s a meetup of letterboxers this afternoon in High Park (High Park has tons of letterboxes) and it will be my first Letterboxing Meet & Greet. I’m kind of nervous but it will be nice to talk to people who get as geeked out about this stuff as I do.

So have a good Sunday everyone!


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