Sunday Musings ~ Anxiety

Sunday Musings ~ Anxiety

I get anxiety in some of the most mundane situations. Well, I guess mundane for other people. Yesterday I went to Vistek, which is an camera store super close to my house, because I wanted to buy a camera. A real SRL camera to be precise. I did my research, found the beginner’s camera within my budget with a mutli-purpose lens. Then I comparison shopped and it just so happened that Vistek had the best price.

I had to really hype myself up to get out the door and then when I got inside, I mustered the courage to ask the lady at the desk to help me. Actually, I didn’t ask for help. I shoved a piece of paper at her and said I’d like to buy THIS camera. “Third floor.” was what she replied. So i went up the spiral staircase to the third floor. It was intimidating. I stood in the door for a moment, assessing my surroundings, hoping to see a wall of packaged cameras I could make a beeline for so I wouldn’t have to talk to people much. Nope, wasn’t going to happen. As soon as I stepped into the room I hear “Hi, can I help you with anything?” Oh dear.

The salesperson. My heart started racing and my palms got sweaty. What if he tells me I SHOULDN’T get the camera I picked out for this and that reason and all of my preparation was for naught? What if he tries to sell me all of these extras that I can’t say no to because I’m clueless on the matter? What if he’s secretly laughing at me for not knowing ANYTHING about SLR cameras? All of these thoughts ran through my head in a nanosecond. I was breathing heavy so I tried to slow that down and then handed him my piece of paper. “Do you have this is stock?” I managed to ask. They did. Would I like to get that one? Yes please. When he went into the back room, I calmed down. It took a while for him to fill out everything on the computer, but I thought that by paying in cash, I’d be in and out quick. Nope. I counted the money twice. He counted the money twice, then he informed me we had to go down to the second floor to get my change. Gah. Then he left me with an older woman who counted the money THREE MORE TIMES before giving me my change. You’d think I was a criminal or something trying to pay them with counterfeit money! I started getting anxious again. Then I was out. HUZZAH! Within 2 minutes, I was back to normal and eager to get home to play with my new toy, a black Canon EOS Rebel T3 with EF-S 18-55mm IS lens.

Canon Rebel T3

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