So Long, Saturdays

So Long Saturdays

Ok, I’m not really saying goodbye… I’m actually saying hello to Saturdays and goodbye to Saturday posts on the blog. For whatever reason, I find that they are the hardest day for me to think of things to blog about. So I made the executive decision to just not post on Saturday. That is, except for this Saturday. :)

I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers taking some time off recently because they get a bit burnt out from blogging. That one of the main reasons why I’ve decided to only post 6 days a week instead of 7. With the upcoming change in seasons I think this will be a good change for the blog as well.

That’s not to say that this is a hard-fast rule. If I find myself with something to post on a Saturday, I will. Like Cartman says, I do what I want!

So long and thanks for all the (vegan) fish, Saturday!


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