Remember that time I met Felicia Day…?

Oh right, of course you don’t because it just happened!


Meeting Felicia Day was quick, but it was still awesome. I’m about halfway through her memoir, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) , and I feel such a kinship with her. Although her lack of friends was due to being homeschooled and mine was just being from a small town where no one seemed to “get” me, we both turned to the internet for socialization and to find people like us who LIKED us. If you’re a huge nerd, like me, you should definitely read this book.

I should have investigated more during the day at Indigo because I did not know we could have gone and gotten a group ticket earlier. That was never the procedure at book signings I’ve been to, so when I arrived after work, I was in group 17. With 20 people in each group, I had 320 people ahead of me (plus one since I was the second person in line for our group). Toronto LOVES Felicia! Apparently, there was 300 people at her NYC signing and there was still 7 groups of 20 after mine! I wonder if they got through them all because I left at 9:30pm and I think they said they were shutting it down at 10pm.

I’m super awkward when meeting celebrities. I never know what to say. Felicia commented on my Nikon camera (everyone else was just using cell phones for pictures) and I think I said something derpy about wanting the picture of us to be good. So much for being cool!

Honestly though, Felicia is super awesome and a flawless goddess. For real. I felt so bad for her though when the women ahead of me pulled her in for a hug, which Felicia obviously didn’t want, and the women kissed Felicia’s head. Hey lady, ever hear of personal space! Geez! You don’t know her like that! The nerve of some people.

I hope she enjoyed her time in Toronto and that she comes back soon!

~ Laura

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