Reading Wednesday ~ More Stephen King

Sorry for no post yeaterday! I forgot my camera at a friend’s house for New Years so I need to go get it. Then I can show you my outfit and what I made for the potluck…

The Wind Through the Keyhole

Today though is Reading Wednesday! I got a couple books for Christmas. Even though I own a Kindle, I asked for physical copies of the books because I already have the rest of the series. One book I got was The Wind Through the Keyhole by Stephen King. It is part of his Dark Tower Series, which I love and is considered to be like number 4.5, since the story takes place during Book 4 of the series, Wizard and Glass.

The whole series is about Roland, the last gunslinger, is on a quest to the find The Dark Tower, which is the center of all universes, because his world is falling apart. His world is parallel to our world and people can go back and forth between if they know how.

The Wind Through the Keyhole starts just before a starkblast (a very cold storm). Roland and his ka-tet (a group bound by fate), Jake, Eddie, Susannah and Oy seek shelter from the storm and while they wait it out, Roland tells them a story from his past, when he and Jamie, a member of his former ka-tet are sent by Roland’s father to find a skin-man (a person who can change into animals) plaguing a small town. Also within the story is a story his mother told him when he was a child about a boy who also expereiences a starkblast while trying to find a wizard to cure his mother’s blindness after his stepfather beat her.

It was so good to read about Roland and his ka-tet again. The story left open other opportunities for King to return to and write about Mid-World and I hope he decides to do so in the future. It’s my favourite fictional world by far. I’m almost at the end and it makes me not want to finish it because then it will be over! Do you feel that way about any book or series? My only solace is that they are suppose to be making a movie or movies about The Dark Tower series, but it’s been talked about for years and still hasn’t gotten made so I won’t get my hopes up. Not yet anyways.

I really recommend reading The Dark Tower series, even if you’re not a King fan. There are even graphic novels that are prequels to The Dark Tower stories about when Roland was just a young, new gunslinger. There’s lots to read, but you’ll be glad you did.


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