Reading Wednesday ~ Dog Training

Luna came to us from a family so she has had some basic dog training. She knows simple commands like sit and lay down. We’d like to work with her on other things though, like recall at the dog park and not jumping up, plus she has some separation anxiety when we both leave. Thankfully it’s not that bad, but with a Great Dane, even a few barks and whimpering can be annoying to our neighbours.

In the latest edition of Veg News Magazine, there was a blurb about the book Training Your Dog Positively by Victoria Stillwell. I had never heard of her before, or the show she’s on, but I was intrigued. The keyword for me was positively since I had read that Great Danes are sensitive dogs who do better with positive reinforcement and rewards, rather than dominance techniques, like Cesar Millan uses (I’m not knocking Cesar either. Some dogs obvious respond to his training or else he wouldn’t be where he is today. I just don’t think Luna is one of those dogs.)

dog training

Hopefully this book works out for us. It will be my reading material on the way up to Wiarton tomorrow for my brother’s wedding. I plan on absorbing and implementing as I go.


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