Product Review ~ Tofutti Jumbo Ravioli

Tofutti Jumbo RavioliWe found these Tofutti Jumbo Ravioli at Essence of Life in Kensington Market and had to try them out!

IMG_0228I used a jarred organic basil tomato sauce we like. I liked the pasta of the raviolis but for me, the Tofutti filling was just a bit too sweet. I’m glad we tried them, but I don’t think they’re something that I’ll buy again. It gave me an idea of what the Tofutti Ricotta Cheese tastes like and I think it would be excellent for desserts that call for ricotta cheese.

IMG_0222 We can’t have a bowl of pasta and sauce without some cheesy garlic bread to dip! This was just simply slices of a crusty bread, spread with Earth Balance, some minced garlic and topped with Daiya. Yum!

Speaking of Daiya, have you heard they’re releasing new products that include vegan cream cheeses, pizzas and cheese slices!? I’m personally super excited to try the Swiss slices.


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