Past Week in Review ~ Holiday Time!

So sorry that there have been no blog posts for a few days. We had some issues with malware but the blog is clean now. If you’re a regular, I’d suggest doing a scan of your computer just to be on the safe side. Ok, on to the post! This is what I’ve been up to recently.

ProtestAt the Shut Your Traps demonstration against Canada Goose (Gross) at Holt Renfrew on December 22. We had such a good turn out and lots of media attention!


Vegan BLT, fries and a pickle at Sadie’s Diner. So good!

Look who’s under the Christmas tree! Dezzie Monster!

Dunking gingerbread trees into Noel Nog. Yum!

The St. Lawrence Market all lit up for the holidays.

My Grandma and us on Christmas Day.
ChloeMy mom’s dog, Chloe, with the ball we got for her. She loves it and wants someone to play with her ALL THE TIME. It’s suppose to be indestructible, but she’s trying.

DocsMy new gorgeous, vegan 1460, 8-eye Cherry Red Doc Martens from my hubby. I’m such a lucky girl!

XmasLunchOur Christmas lunch! Seitan Roast, roasted root veggies with rosemary and thyme, mashed potatoes with apple cider gravy and some mashed turnip. It was a lot of food, but I ate it all. We’ll definitely make the roast again.

NogCheesecakeDessert! Noel Nog cheesecake. Even my brother said it was good! I think this will be a holiday tradition. Next time I’ll make it with real rum!


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