New Camera Love

Here’s a look at my new baby, my Canon Rebel T3 SLR camera. Isn’t she lovely? I am over the moon happy with this camera. I can’t wait until it’s officially spring here so I can take pictures of the new buds and flowers. It’s kind of dirty and grey outside right now.

Canon Rbel T3 camera

This is kind of a Weekend in Review: Part Deux, since I wanted to show some more of the photos I took with the Rebel this past weekend. These, unlike most of my other photos haven’t been touched at all (I usually use PicMonkey to edit photos. It’s fantastic.) I’m not a professional or anything, but I think they’re pretty good! I know that’s the camera’s doing, not mine, but I aim to get better.

Hot Beans

Yummy Hot Beans burrito


A photo of a magnet on our fridge. I have this kitty as a tattoo on my right hip.


My sweet, sweet Dexter

Pearl Vision Drums

Chad’s new drum set

CactusChad got me this cute littel cactus for our 1 year anniversary, along with a knitting book (since 1 year is paper).


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