Baking Fail

Last week I had a total baking fail. I decided to make the Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake Cookies I posted about on Friday. I thought I’d make two batches and bring them to the bridal shower.

You can find the recipe here. I followed it pretty much to the letter, doubling everything. So where did I go wrong? Well, I made the flax mixture and put it in the fridge…. then forgot to add it to the cookies. When I put them in the oven I thought “Hmm maybe they’ll spread out a bit more when they bake.” I take them out and nope, they don’t look anything like what they’re suppose to. Plus I had some with burnt bottoms and some barely brown at all, which was another issue all together. They were all very crumbly and falling apart.

Baking Fail

It wasn’t until the next morning that I opened the fridge and saw my jellified flax in a bowl. Whoopsie!

So I didn’t take the cookies to the shower. My family ate some, I ate some and Chad ate most of them. They were still edible, and in my opinion, tasty. They were just not good enough to feed to people I barely knew, most of them experienced bakers themselves. I knew I’d do vegan baking an injustice by serving them. Maybe I’ll try this recipe again in the future. After I get over this baking fail.


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