Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur ~ We Animals

Movie Review ~ The Ghosts In Our Machine

No Weekend in Review today since I’m still away camping, so here’s a movie review instead.

Last Tuesday, a few friends and I went to see The Ghosts In Our Machine at Carlton Cinema. The documentary by Liz Marshall debuted at Hot Docs and I wasn’t able to see it, so I was very happy to learn that it’s being shown at Carlton.

The movie follows Jo-Anne McArthur, a photographer who get up close and personal with the perils animals face everyday at the hands of humans. She sneaks into fur farms, documents the arrival of a spent cow at Farm Sanctuary, works on her upcoming book and tries to get her images out there in magazines so more people will see them.

The Ghosts In Our Machine Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur ~ We Animals

I really enjoyed the film. I ALMOST cried a couple times, but I held it together in the theatre. The film did make me decide that, no matter what, I’m going to go visit Farm Sanctuary for their Hoe Down in August. I didn’t know if I could afford it, but I’m going to make it happen.

The film is playing at Carlton through until June 13th so if you’re in Toronto, check it. It’s showing at 2pm and 7pm.