Long Weekend in Review

Whoo hoo for long weekends! Part One is all about my Saturday spent in Niagara Fall, ON, protesting Opening Day at Marineland with Marineland Animal Defense.

Protest Sign and Origami WhaleThis is the sign and origami whale I made for the Marineland protest. Yes, I put googly eyes on my whale.

My friend and I took the bus to the protest. When we got to the park, our driver thought he’d partake in the free parking being offered. (In his defence, he thought we were all GOING to Marineland until we stopped in St. Catherine’s for a bathroom break and he asked why we couldn’t use the bathrooms at Marineland). The police came on the bus and we were escorted out of the parking lot. Here’s a video.

GroupShotAround 1000 people came out. It was amazing to have so many loving, compassionate people in one place with one goal: to shut down Marineland!

Long Weekend Marineland My friends and I had a prime spot in front of the Marineland sign so our picture was featured in The Toronto Star (photo 3) and two Chinese-Canadian media sites (1,2). We’re kind of famous.


My awesome friends with their awesome signage.

Myself and Ric O'BarryYeah… I fell into AR Fangirl mode and had my picture taken with Ric O’Barry. I mean, he was just standing there beside me, with his sign that had the SAME slogan, so why not? You should definitely check out the Dolphin Project and watch The Cove to find out more about Ric and what he’s been doing to help dolphins.

FallsHome again, home, again, jiggity jig, but first, a drive by the Falls. We were a busload of tired, but happy activists.

SO that was my Saturday. The rest of my weekend was pretty uneventful. Watched Buffy, ate vegan junk food, that kind of thing.


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