Knitted Heart Brooch

Happy Valentine’s Day! (for those who celebrate)

Knitted Heart Brooch

Remember when I said I was going to make the Knitted Heart Brooch from Design Sponge’s DIY tutorial. Well I did it. I didn’t follow the knitting instructions EXACTLY. I used smaller needles (size 4 I think), I did my increases differently, and I didn’t add the contrasting border. I also used a safety pin for the back because it’s what I had on hand. I can always snip it off and add an actual pin backing later.

Knitted Heart Brooch

I’m not sure what happened with this picture and why there are vertical lines. I didn’t notice until I got to work so maybe I had fiddled with the settings while attaching the camera to the tripod. Oh well. You get the idea. I’m wearing the brooch today (for Valentine’s Day) with my black cardigan from Zara, my latest ModCloth dress and kneehigh socks with little hearts on them.

KNitted Heart Brooch

Knitted Heart Brooch

I apologized to the kitties, but I tore apart one of the toys they got for Christmas to fill the heart (no cat nip or they’d be attacking me!). They have more than enough toys as it is.

Now, I really need to stop getting distracted by little projects and get down to it with my big, major major knitting project. So don’t expect any more knitting until it’s done! (At least, I’m going to try really really hard not to knit anything else.)


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