Happy Birthday Tori’s Bakeshop!

My friend Lisa and I went to Tori’s Bakeshop on Saturday to help them celebrate their 1st birthday!

It’s super hard to pick a favourite vegan bakery in Toronto but Tori’s is way up there on my list. Besides being all vegan, they also offer gluten-free treats so everyone can find something good to eat there. The only thing I haven’t had a chance to try, but am dying to, is their croissants. I bet I have to be there pretty early in the morning to grab one of those!

Tori's Bakeshop

It was pretty packed inside, so after gathering our drinks and goodies we sat outside at one of their cute little tables. It was a gorgeous day! I had a mocha latte made with coconut milk and it was lovely.

Vegan BLT

I was STARVING and got one of their vegan BLT sandwiches made with their housemade coconut bacon. Sorry for the bad pic. I was REALLY hungry due to some streetcar issues getting there.


I didn’t get a picture of the mini quiche (which was really yummy, but I would have liked it better warm) but this is a Maple Walnut cupcake that got a LITTLE bit squished on the way to meet Chad (actually Chad knocked the box out of my hand with his giant backpack while taking a seat on the streetcar I had to laugh). It was still delicious, of course.

Happy birthday Tori’s Bakeshop, and many more!


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