Friday Finds & Favs ~ Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice! Mother nature sure picked a good day for it here in Toronto. However, my thoughts and heart are with everyone in Calgary today. The images of the flooding is just heart-wrenching and I really hope my friends in Calgary are ok.

Summer Solstice ~ Road Side Attraction Dress from ModClothThe Road Side Attraction Dress from ModCloth is absolutely perfect for a summer road trip across the country. Which ever country you happen to be in.

Moonrise Kingdom PinOne of my all-time favourite movies, which came out last summer, is Moonrise Kingdom. I simply adore this Sam Shakusky Pin. Toasty Appaloosa has lots of cute things in their Etsy shop.

LiquorBonzai Aphrodite did a post recently about homemade liquor infusions and I really want to try it! I need grapefruit vodka in my life!

GrahamAnyone else watch the finale of Hannibal last night? It was a doosy! If you haven’t watched the series, get it on, and get caught up for season 2, which starts next winter. Season 1 is going to be available on Amazon Instant Video later this year.

I hope everyone has a really wonderful weekend. Chad and I actually get a Saturday off together and if the weather isn’t too bad, we plan on hitting up some yard sales and the St. Lawrence Market together. If it’s crappy and raining, we’ll stay in and clean the apartment, which would be a good thing too.


3 responses to “Friday Finds & Favs ~ Summer Solstice

  1. Hey Laura! I found your post through the pingback on my blog – thanks for the shout-out. The infusions are SO fun and super easy, I’ve been having a blast with them. And it’s such a coincidence that you mentioned grapefruit vodka specifically, because I just posted my first cocktail recipe and it features grapefruit vodka! Too much serendipity, had to comment. =)

    Thanks again for the link love. Happy (belated) Solstice!

    1. I saw and it looks yummy! A few friends and I are planning on each doing a different flavour then having a little party to try them all.

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