Friday Finds & Favs

Happy Friday!


I doubt I’d ever wear these myself, but the We Arachnid to Talk Sandal is amazing.

Great horned owl in flight necklace

I love this Great Horned Owl in Flight necklace from Handy Maiden.

Friday RecipeI don’t know if I’ll ever get to Philidelphia to enjoy a stunning meal at Vedge (Which GQ named one of the 12 Most Outstanding Restaurants of 2013). However, they have a cookbook coming out in July which might be the next best thing! It includes the recipe for these Shaved Brussel Sprouts with Whole-Grain Mustard Sauce, but you can also find the recipe here if you want to get a preview.

Susan Nichole Vegan Handbag Style #185 - Bree in Blue

When I was a kid, we had a dog named Bree so I would love to have this gorgeous purse from Susan Nichole in her honour. Oh and until Sunday you can use the code “PAYHALF” to get 50% any handbag or wallet!

Cat and Lizard napping in the sun

To end on a high note, check out these two sunbathing beauties. So cute!


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