Farm Sanctuary Hoe Down Weekend Part 6

Farm Sanctuary Day 3: Part 2 ~ Goodbye!

The second half of our last day at the Farm Sanctuary Hoe Down. After lunch, we skipped the rest of the programming to spend more time with the animals.


Patrick the goat nibbling on Marissa.

E&LThis is Elliot and Lila.Elliot escaped from a life market in Brooklyn and was found dehydrated and emancipated. Lila was found neglected on a farm, with parasites and anemia. Both were being looked after at Cornell University, in pens side by side. Eventually, Elliot broke into Lila’s pen and they have been inseparable ever since. They are best friends for life, which will be long and lovely, living at Farm Sanctuary together. (yes you can cry now)

Farm Sanctuary Hoe Down SheepI think this was Brian? The sheep were so loving and cuddly. The sheep barn was my favourite place on the farm.


Maxie meeting a chicken, Miranda, for the first time. So cute!


Winston taking a siesta in the sun.


Ruby giving me kisses. Dirty kisses, but I loved them.

EchoI couldn’t leave Farm Sanctuary without seeing Echo again. He is such a gorgeous bird. How could anyone see him as dinner?


Cows and people. People and cows.


This sign says it all. So long Farm Sanctuary! I’ll be back next year!


Back home to Canada, with lots of happy memories and a renewed sense of purpose.

Well that’s it for my photos of Farm Sanctuary! Next year I’m going to volunteer for the Farm Sanctuary Hoe Down.

Also, I am participating in the 2013 Sleep In For Farm Animals! I’ve participated in the Walk for Farm Animals a few times, but this year I won’t be in the city that day. So instead, I’ll “sleep in” for the animals. Can you help me reach my fundraising goal of $300? Please go to my page to donate! You can see from my pictures that the money goes towards and amazing organization. Thanks!


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