Farm Sanctuary Hoe Down Weekend Part 5

Farm Sanctuary Day 3: Part 1 ~ Food and Speakers

Our last day at Farm Santuary! It was bittersweet to say the least!

Farm Sanctuary LineupBright and early Sunday morning, Marissa and I joined quite a large group for a yoga class by Derek Goodwin. After a quick change, it was time to line up for breakfast and I was famished!

BreakfastSo much food! Breakfast was scrambled tofu, salsa potatoes, seitan bacon, plus porridge with fruit and a dab of vegan honey. Yes, VEGAN honey. Oh and I didn’t take oodles of seitan. Marissa generously gave me hers since she’s GF.

Larry BaldwinThe first speaker of the day was Larry Baldwin, a WaterKeeper, with his talk “CAFOs: A Local Issue with Global Consequences”. CAFOs are Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and they are scary as hell. A CAFO is not a farm. It is a factory and it is disgusting what they get away with.

Erica MeierNext up was Erica Meier from Compassion Over Killing. Her talk was about the rise of veganism in the mainstream.

LunchAnother break to eat more yummy vegan food! This was our lunch plate and again it was an enormous about. My favourite was the pad thai and of course, the PB brownie.

V3GANOn the way back to the farm to see the animals again before we left. It was so awesome to see cars parked there like this one!

Come back tomorrow for the second half of our last day, with more photos of the lovely animals! I hug sheep and kiss pigs!


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