Watching: I’ve started watching Downton Abbey and I’m really liking it! I think Mary is my favourite character so far, followed by Violet. I finished Season 1 and I hope I can finish Season 2 so I can watch the first Christmas Special before Christmas.
Downton Abbey

Excited About: Christmas! More specifically, Christmas food! Chad’s making a vegan, gluten-free ginger bread house for us to take up to the farm. Plus I want to make Dreena Burton’s chickpea tart for Christmas Eve dinner. Also, I bought some vegan organic candy canes, but they are slowly disappearing off the tree…

Reading: Gerald’s Game by Stephen King. What if you’re husband handcuffs you to the bed of your remote summer home for a little sexy game then dies and you can’t reach the keys? One thing I love about King’s books is how he connects his novel, but I won’t ruin anything for you. Just read it!

Looking Forward To: The Shut Your Traps National Day of Action against Canada Goose retailers on Saturday. We want to make this the biggest anti-fur demonstration in Canada’s history. Let’s finish off 2012 with a bang!


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