Cameraless ~ Weekend in Review

I had a really nice weekend, but unfortunately, I was cameraless for most of it. Not exactly sure what happened, if it was the cold or if the lens just wasn’t connecting properly, but my camera wouldn’t focus at all. I missed out on lots of nice shots. Oh well. Here are some I did get.

1SmoothieFirst smoothie of the weekend! My blender does much better with baby spinach than it does with kale. I think I need to try baby kale with it.

cameralessWe noticed my camera wasn’t focusing when I tried to get picture of our lunch date at Simon’s Wok. We had a long day Saturday with visits to Home Depot, Simon’s, Sears, Payless and Metro before finally getting home. Then we had a friend’s birthday party to go to! Thank goodness the party was in our building or I don’t think we would have made it. It was good times though.


Chad got the camera to focus again on Sunday! Extreme close-up! Of my face!

4DinnerSunday was spent shopping at Big Carrot (Chad’s going to start making us yogurt again) and watching Heroes. For dinner I made Sophie’s Kitchen crabcakes with chipotle Vegenaise and Vegan Richa’s baked jalapeno poppers I mentioned on Friday and made with Follow Your Heart cream cheese. Everything was spicy and delicious! The jalapeno poppers will definitely be made again. I might bring them to an Oscars party we’ve been invited to in March. They’re really good.

So glad my camera is working again. Being cameraless was not fun!


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