Bruce Peninsula National Park

Chad and I were suppose to go camping last week at Bruce Peninsula National Park in Tobermory. However, the weather wasn’t looking to great and we didn’t think Luna was ready to go camping with us yet, so we stayed at my Mom’s house instead. On Tuesday Chad and I went to the park on our own to hike the trails and to see the Grotto. I got in a bit of letterboxing along the way as well. Some of the pictures are taken by me and some by my lovely husband.

Bruce Peninsula National Park Cyprus Lake

Welcome Sign

TurtleI saved this turtle from being squished on the road on the way into the park. He seemed a bit ticked off that I interrupted his sunbathing.


Hiking along the Cyprus Lake Trail.

Lady Slippers

Lady slippers grow like weeds up there.

5Cyprus Lake running into Horse Lake


Beautiful Georgian Bay

LetterboxingDoing a little letterboxing along the way. I only found 3 of the 5 boxes though. One was just too difficult to find and the other was surrounded by poison ivy. No way I was going in to find it. I learnt my lesson about that.

The Arch

The Arch

Indian Head Cove

Indian Head Cove. The water was such gorgeous shades of blue.

GrottoThe famous Grotto! The rocks were too slippery to go down into it, but at least it wasn’t crawling with tourists.

Boulder Beach

Boulder Beach

We had such a great time and I can’t wait to go back to Bruce Peninsula National Park again. Hopefully the next time we head up to The Tub, we can go over to Flower Pot Island and check out the visitor centre as well.


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