Book Review ~ Ani’s Raw Food Essentials

Every so often, I like to do a week of raw food. If I’m feeling sluggish or bloated, changing my diet to all raw foods makes me feel a lot better. One book I depend on a lot when I do a week of raw is Ani’s Raw Food Essentialsby Ani Phyo.

Gazpacho Andaluz topped with Raw Sunflower Seed Bread.

First up, Gazpacho Andaluz (page 140) topped with Sunflower Bread (page 24) croutons. This cold soup was tasty, but it was even better the next day so the flavours can meld together.

Fettuccine with Lemon, Garlic and Thyme-Marinated Mushrooms

Fettuccine with Lemon, Garlic and Thyme-Marinated Mushrooms (page 234). The fettuccine noodles aren’t the usually zucchini noodles but Fettuccine Wrap Noodles (page 222) made with the Apple Crepes (page 69), which was a nice change. We made our own raw parmesan, using hulled hemp seeds, nutritional yeast, and sea salt, instead of using the Rawmesan Cheeze recipe (page 105) in the book. I also added some cherry tomatoes since we had some to use up. I’d definitely make this again. The mushrooms were delicious but it makes more than you need in my opinion, so I’d use half in this dish and the rest in something else.

Quinoa Tabbouleh

The Quinoa Tabbuleh (page 246) was the only recipe I tried from the book that didn’t turn out right. I followed the directions for sprouting the quinoa, but for some reason, not all of the quinoa sprouted so it was bitter and crunchy. I’m not sure what happened, but I don’t think I’d try this recipe again.


I made this yummy raw burger using Ani’s Zucchini Bread (page 23) and Hemp Sun Burger (page 199). I topped it with Aioli Mayonnaise (page 198), avocado, shredded carrots and mixed sprouts. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find that putting the dehydrated raw bread together with the dehydrated raw burger is a bit too dense. I would make these burgers again, but I’d likely use lettuce leaves for the bun, or possibly cut the burger in halve and wrap it in a collard leaf. I loved the aioli.

Lemon Kream-Filled Crepes with Raspberry Sauce

My FAVOURITE recipe (so far) from Ani’s Raw Food Essentials has to be Lemon Kream-Filled Crepes with Raspberry Sauce (page 71). Holy cow these are good! I could eat this for 3 meals a day and it’s totally healthy. Definitely try this recipe!

While one could eat all raw foods and never make any of these more labour intensive meals, it does add some variety rather than always eating salad or smoothies. Plus you get to eat foods you used to eat cooked, but in a raw way so you don’t miss them as much.. It does help to have the tools of the trade, such as a dehydrator, spiralizer and heavy-duty blender, but there are plenty of recipes in the book where you can get away with not using them. I personally only have a dehydrator. If you’re interested in going raw or incorporating more raw food into your diet, Ani’s Raw Food Essentials is the book you need to buy. It gets a thumbs up from me.



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