B-Day Dinner @ Green Earth

Last night my hubby and some of the most wonderful people I know came out with me for dinner at one of my favourite restaurants, Green Earth.

Summer RollsTo start Chad and I both got our own orders of Summer Rolls. Usually we share an appetizer, but we were both hungry and hey, it’s my birthday!

Golden Tender Crescents for dinnerAgain, since it was my birthday, I went with a main dish that was a bit more expensive, the Golden Tender Crescents. It’s vegan shrimp! So worth the money and was worth the wait, since I was served my meal last.

Eggplant Medley

Chad had his usual, the Eggplant Medley.

Chocolate CheesecakeChad and I each got a slice of cheesecake for dessert with the intent of sharing both, but I liked the Chocolate Cheesecake best.

Green Tea CheesecakeThe Green Tea Cheesecake was a little too intense for me, but I had a few bites.

CandleAfter taking a bite, I remembered that I had a singing candle my mom sent me. Yes I lit a singing birthday candle in a restaurant. It was pretty loud, but no one said anything to us.

It was a lovely birthday dinner with great food, great friends and my great husband!


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