Authors & Their Views ~ Reading Wednesday

I’m still reading Dune, but I wanted to talk about something that’s come up recently that has me thinking. It’s about authors and their views and actions.

Is it appropriate to support an author of a book if that author holds views or has done things in their personal life that you don’t morally agree with?

A good example would be Orson Scott Card, the author of the very popular sci-fi novel Ender’s Game and it’s sequels. Enders Game has been adapted into a movie that will be released later this year starring Harrison Ford and will ultimately make oodles of money.

authors and their views

The problem is that Card very vocally and publically opposes same-sex marriage and donates oodles of his own money (which he makes by writing books and having those books get turned into movies) to National Organization for Marriage. Card is a board member of that crazy organization.

So aren’t we, by supporting Ender’s Game, supporting Card, which in turn supports marriage inequality? That’s not cool with me.

I have another example in mind, but since I don’t know all the facts, I won’t go into it. It involves violence against women. However, I’ll just say that from what I do know of the situation, I won’t be reading the person’s book now.

I can’t help but think that there are plenty of books I’ve read and their authors probably do lots of things I don’t agree with. I can’t help that, but when I DO know what they’re doing and they do so publically, I can’t support them. So I will be skipping Ender’s Game this winter. I hope you will too.


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