Activism ~ Weekend in Review

What a gorgeous weekend! I got into some activism, baking and just being around awesome people. Perfection. Except for the sick dog.


On Friday I checked out some of Buskerfest since it’s new location is at Yonge and Dundas.

PostIt This was my very important message that I left on the Post-It board they had on Yonge Street. I hope they left it up!

PillsWe took Luna to the vet (who she hates) because she was cough. Kennel cough! Oh joy. This are all the pills we were given. Luckily, she’s pretty good with taking her pills.

MTDSaturday evening I went to a showing of Maximum Tolerated Dose, a film made by Toronto AR activists. It was my first time seeing it and I was very moved. Yes, I cried. The talks by Dr. Lauren Corman and Italian activist Tino Verducci were both wonderful and got a fire started under me.

PizzaAfter the film, my friend Lauren took me to Pizzeria Libretto on Ossington. We both got the marinara pizza (which is already vegan) and added mushrooms. It was really good!

ChocolateLauren works for Chocosol and she gave me all of this yummy chocolate! All she got was a stickin peaches & cream tart I made.

ActivismOn Sunday I join roughly 35 activists at the University of Toronto to hold a funeral for all of the animals used there for experiments. This was part of the Open The Cages Tour. Again I was very moved and cried while thinking about all they go through. There’s no excuse for animal abuse. Ever.

PieDecompressing after the demo with some Peaches and Cream Pie topped with Coconut Bliss Lunaberry Swirl ice cream.

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