Pull List #1 ~ Reading Wednesday

I have three comic books on my pull list for today’s New Comic Book Day, which happens to be every Wednesday. I think I’m going to make this a regular feature. So here’s what I’m reading right now:

Lady Killer #4
Pull List
I’ve really been enjoying the Lady Killer series from JoĆ«lle Jones and Jamie S. Rich. In this issue we’re introduced to another female assassin. Lady Killers sticking together (even if it doesn’t seem that way from the cover). I believe there’s only one more issue left in this series, but if Josie survives the hit on her, hopefully, we might see another series in the future. I will definitely be watching for Jones’ other works, since she is the writer and artist for this series.




The Dark Tower: Drawing of the Three – House of Cards #2
Pull List
Long title for a little comic! The Dark Tower book series is a favourite of mine. I enjoyed the graphic novels detailing Roland’s past and I’m happy to now get a look at Eddie Dean’s back story. We never get a good look at Roland, but we do of the scary lobstroities. I also really like when at the end we get to see the rough drafts and sketches along with the final product.








Spider Gwen #3
Spider Gwen #3I REALLY love Spider Gwen and think it has an awesome story, amazing art and it’s definitely going somewhere. I didn’t think the April Fools joke at the end was that funny though. It was the next issue’s cover, only they added a beard on Gwen and called it Spider Gwen Man. Sorry guys, but that falls a little flat with me.












Currently ~ Where Have I Been?!

I have been a very bad blogger and neglected my duties for too long. Where have I been? Well it’s not necessarily a where, unless you consider a website a place. Lately, most of my internet time has been consumed with expanding my family tree on Ancestry.ca. I have almost 3000 relatives on my tree at the moment and I’m adding more all the time. I don’t pay for the service (yet), so mostly I have been Googling and gleaning from other people’s online trees that I can access. I have traced one line of my family all the way back to Rollo, a Viking born around 846 who conquered Normandy in France. Through that line, I am related to the British royal family (Prince George is my 29th cousin), a Saint and John Kerry, who is my 11th cousin. Lots of born leaders in that line! Continue reading

Married in ModCloth!

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Are you getting married or have a wedding to attend? You’re cordially invited to explore ModCloth’s exquisite wedding collection! Fall in love with dreamy dresses and outfit finishers perfect for brides, bridesmaids, and attendees eager to express their unique perspective on style. And don’t forget — we want to see the fab ModCloth look you put together! Use #marriedinmodcloth to share your inspiring ensemble with the rest of the ModCloth community.

Here’s what I wore when I got married 3 years ago. Excuse the red eye.


The dress I wore is no longer available from ModCloth, but as soon as I saw the Kennebunkport Dress in Latitude, I knew I had to have it for my wedding dress. I am so not a white dress girl and I still wear it to work.

I’ve also been to a few weddings as a guest where I wore ModCloth dresses, like the Elegant Arrival Dress for my cousin’s wedding.



TBC Flea ~ Weekend in Review

Chad, don’t read this!

The Flea

On Sunday, I actually managed to drag my butt out of the house to travel over to the west end for the TBC Flea at Through Being Cool Vegan Baking Co. There have been a few previously and I always missed it. With Chad’s birthday coming up this month, I wanted to go for this one to get a few things for his gift. I didn’t take any pictures while I was there because it was pretty crowded. That was good because I was anxious that I’d arrive and be the only one there, with all the vendors eyeing me as I awkwardly browsed their wares. That was not the case, thank goodness. Continue reading