Sweetheart Shop ~ Friday Finds & Favs

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I believe I’ve mentioned before that my husband and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. February 14th is his birthday and I’d much rather celebrate that. Of course, That doesn’t mean I can’t put together a cut V-Day themed outfit from ModCloth’s Sweetheart Shop ! Throw on a light camisole under the cardigan and you’re ready for celebrations of love, or whatever you want. Do your own thing, hearts and all!

Sweetheart Shop

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Late Birthday Post

This post is a bit late, but I’ve had a busy week, so apologises for the lack of new posts!

On Saturday, it was really really cold. We took Luna on a big walk, where we saw the cutest little mouse scurrying down the path. Too fast for a photo unfortunately. We then braved the cold again to walk up to Green Earth for lunch.

AcornOn the way to Green Earth, I saw this fantastic sculpture in a park. Squirrels worshiping an acorn! I love it! Continue reading

Squirrel! ~ Weekend in Review

SquirrelChad and I were so surprised when this little goober came right up to us on the sidewalk. He/she followed us, ran all over my boots when we stopped and grabbed at my mitten when I reached out. A guy going into a building nearby took some pictures too. Someone is obviously hand-feeding the squirrel and I hope they don’t go up to the wrong kind of person. I plan on carrying some sunflower seeds in my pocket whenever I’m walking on King Street now, though. Continue reading

Looking Back on 2014

Looking back at 2014, it was definitely the year of babies. Not babies for me, but for people in my life. Six women in my life gave birth last year! Welcome to the world Adrian, James, Olivia, Joshua, Elsie and Azra!

Here’s a sort of month my month break down of my past year.

January was full of green smoothies, watching Angel, learning to code and of course, my birthday!
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